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First Aid Training

Our job is to help get you ready for anything.

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Something for Everyone

It's never too late to learn the skills to save a life.

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Teams and Groups

Let us get your employees prepared and confident.

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Babysitting Courses

Because certification matters to parents.

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Classroom Training

module-image-classroomPair of Medics provides various training sessions in the classroom.

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Online Courses

module-image-groups-online-coursesPair of Medics makes it easy to locate Worksite Safety online courses all in one place.

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module-image-productsPair of Medics now has many First Aid Kits and Survival Kits availble for sale online.

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About Us

module-image-aboutLearn more about Chris and Carla Wagnor of Pair of Medics First Aid Training.

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  • "Thorough, good feedback and clear instruction"

    • Suzanne Hirvonen
  • "I really enjoyed this course, as I have taken many first aid training courses across Canada, this has been one of the best.  I felt very informed and enjoyed their in-depth training.  They have paired their hands on field experience with the course material perfectly.  I haven’t left a first aid course more prepared as I am now. Thank you."
    • Kris Ritter
  • "First hand experience and knowledge given is extremely helpful.  Best First Aid course I have taken."
    • Nicole Mackay (MacKay Whale Watching LTD)
  • "Chris and Carla were very experienced and professional instructors who made this very important course engaging and interesting."
    • Twyla Roscovich (Ocean Films)
  • "They obviously care deeply about 1st response and bring lots of real world grit and passion to their teaching."
    • Paul H Ross
  • "Easy to understand and logical."
    • Teacher at North Island Secondary
  • "I found this course to be “user friendly” and applicable to my needs."
    • Teacher at North Island Secondary
  • "This course was very pertinent to my job description.  Common sense and applicable to real life situations."
    • Teacher at North Island Secondary
  • "The instructor, Chris, was very knowledgeable and was able to give lots of real-life examples of situations he had been in."
    • Teach at North Island Secondary
  • "If ever my family or I have an emergency situation, I would hope that Chris was our paramedic. What a knowledgeable attendant and instructor. Bravo."
    • Teacher at North Island Secondary
  • "Chris was a fantastic instructor.  He made learning first aid and CPR fun, exciting and entertaining."
    • Selena Coutts